Photo project 366 – day 5

A Windy Thursday 5/366

I thought this was an appropriate excerpt for a windy Thursday such as yesterday.

A Windy Thursday 5/366

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Photo project 366 – day 4

George’s Bath 4/366

My boyfriend bought George for me a few years ago. I love him but he’s got pretty grubby over the years. I was a bit worried about washing him (childhood memories about my polar bear being hung up by his ears on a washing line) but he really needed a bath.

He actually looks quite relaxed I think.

He will sleep in the airing cupboard tonight.

George's Bath 4/366

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Photo project 366 – Day 3

New Bento Box 3/366

To encourage me to take more packed lunches to work this year and be more creative with them than just boring old sandwiches I bought myself this cute Bento Box.

I used it for the first time today and I love it!

New Bento Box 3/366

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Photo project 366 – day 2

Bank Holiday Food 2/366

On Bank Holiday Monday we had lovely food at Wahaca. The waitress used an orange crayon to mark on our place mat what we had ordered. It was yum.

Bank Holiday Food 2/366

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Photo project 366 – day 1

Hopefully the first of a year of photos…

Reflections of Christmas 1/366
The Christmas lights reflected in a puddle on Regent Street, London.

Reflections of Christmas 1/366

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Advent Calendar – Dec 1

Last year I tool part in an amazing swap on Ravelry. The idea was to have a budget of £25 and to give 25 presents – 1 to be unwrapped each day during Advent and a final one on Christmas Day. It was brilliant fun shopping for and making all the gifts as for £25 you had to be pretty creative and then almost as a bonus one arrived in the post for me! Needless to say I jumped at the chance to sign up again when I saw the lovely Sulkycat‘s post in the Autumn on Ravelry. Well its 1st Dec today and time to unwrap my 1st little parcel…



Mini gingerbread men with jazzy trousers!!!


yum 🙂


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Tour de Fleece: day 11

On the 10th day they rested.

On the 11th day the spinning restarted…

Tour de Fleece: day 10

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