Photo project 366 – days 7-11

Me and my Singer 7/366

I’ve had this sewing machine for a while but not really got to grips with it. Today I realised that I’d been threading it wrong and once I’d sorted that out everything was so much easier!

Me and my Singer 7/366

A is for… 8/366

52 weeks. That equals 1 set of upper case and 1 set of lower case letters. Should have an interesting set by the end of the year!

A if for... 8/366

Patchwork beginnings 9/366

Hopefully this will end up as a quilt in the not too distant future…

Patchwork beginnings 9/366

Gym locker 10/366

Tuesday is trampolining at the gym for me. Not very exciting but here is today’s locker.

Gym locker 10/366

My Gin! 11/366

As you can see from the label this gin has been sitting around waiting to be drunk for some time. Tastes great now though!

My Gin! 11/366

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