A is for…

…active fingers

Some may call me a fidget but I like to think of myself as having active fingers. I very rarely sit without doing something with my hands in fact about the only times are when I’m at the cinema or watching a live performance of something.

I find knitting to be the perfect thing to keep my hands busy and, depending on the project, using my brain to a greater or lesser extent. If I didn’t knit I would have no nails.

I knit in front of the TV, on the tube, whilst listening to music and it is also my means of relaxing which I can’t do if I’m trying to do nothing!

I’ve tinkered with other crafts over the years including beading, needle felting, Fimo modeling, origami, scrap booking etc but knitting has firmly become my default setting.

Some projects

I like to have enough WIPs to see me through any situation. This currently boils down to:

  1. Plain socks for the tube (the small needles are good for the compact space and it doesn’t matter if I don’t finish a round). These are also good for films with subtitles.
  2. A not too complicated shawl for standard TV knitting (something where I don’t have to look at every stitch but do have to think a bit about)
  3. Colourwork or complicated lace – these are the projects I find harder so are reserved for when I can devote my full visual attention.

Next week “B is for….” ?

Some of us are blogging our way from A to Z. Click the link below to find more “A” posts.

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2 Responses to A is for…

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am the exact same!

    Thanks for taking part!

    ~ Charlotte xx

  2. Luckynumbers says:

    This is exactly why I got addicted to knitting and crocheting. I cannot just do nothing! I wonder if that’s a common theme with us. We are all fidgety!

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