WIP Wednesdays #1

Like many other knitters in the blogosphere I have decided to do a “Work in Progress Wednesdays” post. Hopefully this will be a regular posting and I also hope it will inspire me to get these projects finished! If you want to see more posts like this then why not browse through the list on Tami’s blog.

IMG_4244Tonight my WIPs are socks. First of all we have my “A is for Angee” socks by Cookie A. I’m making them in a fab yarn by the Laughing Yaffle – the colours are brilliant but I don’t seem to be able to capture them well on my camera indoors – I’ll try outside on a sunny day if we get one soon. This yarn was bought for me as part of a knitting Secret Santa and I was very excited when I opened it! These are nearly finished although I do have a bit of a problem that I missed out 12 rows of the pattern on the 2nd sock. Having sought advice on the UK Sock Knitters group on Ravelry and ignoring the sensible suggestions that I just frog back and do it again I’ve decided to attempt to unravel from the beginning and knit backwards to correct the mistake near the beginning. Wish me luck.

IMG_4241The second pair have been on the go for quite a while. They are a p/hop pattern Hopsox and they are looking great but the cable rounds seem to take forever! The yarn is Clan by The Yarn Yard and I’m really enjoying working with it. It is 100% merino but it feels more like cotton than wool and it shows up the texture really well. I’ll get back to these as soon as I’ve finished the Angee socks.

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9 Responses to WIP Wednesdays #1

  1. Welcome to WIP Wednesdays!

  2. Tami says:

    Welcome to WIPW! We have a great group. Both socks are beautiful! Good luck with the knitting backward.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I love both of the colours you’re working in (and am currently ogling the prettiness over at Laughing Yaffle, so thanks for the heads-up about it!), and the texture on the Hopsox pattern is wonderful, such cool-shaped cables.

  4. autumngeisha says:

    You have such lovely socks on the needles. I especially love that blue that you are using for the Hopsox. The cables are so cool.

  5. Marushka says:

    I love those colors! Good luck reknitting the sock, I hope it goes easily.

  6. Denise says:

    Both pairs of socks look great.

  7. Aimee says:

    Your error-fixing surgery sounds complicated, but I hope it goes well! Both of those colors look lovely.

  8. rachel says:

    Both socks are gorgeous! You picked some really incredible yarns for them. Good luck with your backward knitting… I suggest fortifying yourself with some chocolate or wine before unraveling. 🙂

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