This week I’ve been trying to plan meals a bit better in order to stop having that really annoying situation that happens to me so often when you get home tired, can’t think of anything to cook and so end up only cooking when you really have to and eating really late. I also wanted to try to find some inspiration for packed lunches as the thought of making sandwiches every day has never filled me with much joy.

8/365 8th January
So… I ordered our weekly veg box and started planning meals around it. We’ve had a good Mushroom and Potato Curry, minus the aubergine that the recipe calls as I didn’t have one, tomorrow is Kale and Mushroom Risotto and we’ve been eating a good few raw carrots at lunch time so we’re definitely getting through it.

I’ve been trawling the internet for ideas for packed lunches for adults (lots out there for children) and my favourite ones so far are and (I don’t think this blogger is active any more but there is still loads on the site). Both these sites are based on the Japanese style of packed lunches called bentos. I have enjoyed reading about bentos and thinking differently about how to put a lunch together. The best thing that I have learnt though is how to make Gyoza. These are really easy to make and taste fab. Some people might struggle to find the wrappers to make them with but we were able to pick them up easily in the Japan Centre on Regent Street in London.

I have made them twice – the first time with this recipe but with mushrooms instead of pork and the second time I used this as inspiration but used our some of our left over mushroom and potato curry from the other night. I recommend giving them a go – my only advice would be not to over fill them.

12/365 12th January

The rest of today’s lunch consisted of half a boiled egg (as we only had 1 left to share), some Moroccan hummus (not home made) with carrots and celery for dipping, a tuna and green pesto sandwich and those lovely tasty gyoza – those weird looking things in the bottom left corner!

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