Raspberry Jam and Cheesy Muffins

Making Raspberry Jam? In January? Yes.

We try pretty hard to buy British fruit and veg in season. I’m sure we could do better and we do make a few exceptions – bananas being the obvious one and the occasional avocado. We’ve been getting a veg box delivered to us from River Ford for years now and if we buy from the supermarket we do check the labels and opt for British when we can and rarely buy from outside Europe.

Today I bought some frozen British raspberries today instead of the imported ones from far away. I’ve run out of jam and having not bought any shop made jam in the last year I didn’t want to start now. The basic recipe I use is an equal measure of fruit to sugar and is dead easy.

2/365 2nd January 2011

I also made some Welsh Rarebit Muffins – very easy to make and turned out pretty good. We ate a couple each with soup while they were still warm. I think I’ll try them with a bit of chilli or some fresh herbs next time. I think they’ll be good for my packed lunch.


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