(Nearly) New Year, New Blog

Once upon a time I had a blog but I didn’t have much to say.

Then my boyfriend and I made this one as we decided that we wanted to do lots in London and tell people about it.

Now I’ve got things to say that don’t really fit on our other blog. Also, I don’t think he would be too impressed if I filled  it with knitting, spinning and all the other things that I fill our tiny flat with so I decided to start this one over here to do just that.

I’ve a few plans for 2011…

I am going to attempt a 365 photos challenge where I take a photo every day for a year. I will be uploading them to Flickr and will also show some of them here.

I’m going to start the A-Z of socks with the UK Sock Knitters group on Ravelry but I have absolutely no intention of knitting 26 pairs of socks in 2011!

Importantly, I am also going Cold Sheep until Knit Nation in July which means that I promise not to buy any yarn or spinning fibre until then. Don’t worry, I have plenty to keep me going.

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